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Smithsonian Adventures

5 ft. tall

Hot Air Balloon Kit

Build a replica of the 1783  invention that was the first craft to carry humans aloft.   Based on the collections and research of the National Air & Space Museum and Smithsonian Institution Libraries, this kit provides everything you need (except glue and scissors) to launch a 5 ft tall hot air balloon.

Its easy to make:

  • cut out the panels

  • glue them together

  • attach the bottom opening wire

  • decorate with traditional designs or create your own

Its Easy to Launch

  • Two Hair dryers of a popcorn popper will inflate the balloon.  Choose a cool day, fill the balloon with hot air for a few minutes then watch it gracefully rise into the sky.

Its a High Flyer

  • Good flight require a large temperature difference between the air inside and outside the balloon.  When it's cold or cool outside the balloon will fly far overhead.  On warm days flights will be limited.

Smithsonian : Hot Air Balloon
Qty: Price: $19.95

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